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Quiz competition on vigilance awareness week



Library (Quiz test) on Vigilance Awareness Week -2016

Note:- Each questions carried 2 marks for every correct Answer.

Q.1 The Central Vigilance Commission of India was founded in which year ?.

(a) 1965    (b) 1964     (c) 1972    (d) 1974

Q.2 The Right to Information Actwas passed/ implemented in India. ?

(a) 1986     (b) 2001   (c) 2004    (d) 2005

Q.3 Who is the chairman of Central Vigilance Commission of India.?

(a) K V Chowdary    (b) Vijai Sharma    (c) A K Basu      (d) Anita Desai

Q.4 The Reserve Bank India was establish in which year ?.

(a) 1935      (b) 1950      (c) 1934    (d) 1947

Q.5 Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank India.?

(a) RaghuramRajan    (b) C Rangarajan    (c) Urjit Patel      (d) VimalJalan

Q.6 Name the first Indian who was the  Governor of Reserve Bank India.?

(a) C D Deshmukh    (b) C Rangarajan    (c) Osborne Smith (d) VimalJalan

Q.7 What is the new name of Planning Commission of India.?

(a) VidhiAayog    (b) YojanaAayog    (c) Public Commission      (d) NitiAayog

Q.8 Who is the speaker of LokSabha of India.?

(a) PratibhaPatil    (b) SumitraMahajan    (c) Meera Kumar      (d) Anita Desai

Q.9 Where is the Head Quarter of Central Vigilance Commission of India.?

(a) Mumbai    (b) Kolkata    (c) New Delhi      (d) Bangalore

Q.10 The Consumer Protection Ac twas passed in India. ?

(a) 1986   (b) 1985    (c) 2009    (d) 1999

Q.11 What is the function of Consumer Forum in India. ?

(a) Protect consumer right   (b) Protects Company   (c) Food supply     (d) Provide Egg Mark

Full form of the following:

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