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अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस/International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June 2017

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68 वे गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिकबधाई एवं शुभकामनाऐं..

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68 वे गणतंत्र दिवस के शुभ अवसर पर मुख्य अतिथि द्वारा  विद्यालय पत्रिका का विमोचन……

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President Award winners student’s of Bharat Scout & Guide of our Vidyalaya   receive the Medals & Certificates by the Cheaf Guest/ Chairman VMC….

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70 वे स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिकबधाई एवं शुभकामनाऐं..

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तरूणोत्सव/Tarunotsav 2017




New Pattern of Exam Session 2017-18

World Environment Day 05/06/2016

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Congratulation to all the students of Class XII who have passed in  the CBSE Board Examination 2016-17. Best wishes for a bright future…

Session 2016-17Session 16-17




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Library Blogs KVS Varanasi Region



  1. Library KV Rajkot Gujarat
  2. Library KV Shajapur MP
  3. Library KV TFRI Jabalpur MP
  4. Library KV BHU Varanasi
  5. Library KV Mughalsarai Chandoli
  6. Library KV Oldcantt Allahabad
  7. Library KV Newcantt Allahabad
  8. Library KV Manauri Allahabad
  9. Library KV Pbhulpur Allahabad
  10. e-Library KV Manauri Allahabad



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Admission(प्रवेश सूचना 2017-18)


प्रवेश सूचना 2017-18


                Back To Basic                                           For Primary Classes           img-20170210-wa0035 For Secondary Classimg-20170210-wa0035

KVS Online Transfer Application


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National Youth Day Quiz Competition 27/02/2016


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News Letter K V AFS Manauri

News Letter 2016-17



News Letter 2015-16




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informatics    goi    govin
Important site’s of Government of India.

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New Arrivals



Annual Day Celebration Dated:15/12/2016

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National Youth Day Quiz Competition 27/02/2016

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Best Reader’s of the session 2015-16


Class VI

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Class VII

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Class VIII

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Class IX

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Class X

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Class XI

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Class XII

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Book Review


पुस्तक समीक्षा:- मल्लिका मृदुल IXB


  • पुस्तक का नाम- जीत आपकी
  •  लेखक- शिव खेरा
  • प्रकाशक -राजीव बेरी
  • पब्लिशर प्लेस- चेन्नई
  • प्रकाशन वर्ष :2004
  • पेजो की संख्या-292
  • भाषा- हिंदी
  • कहानी -हीरो से भरा खेत…
हफीज अफ्रीका का एक किसान था वह अपनी जिंदगी से खुश और
संतुस्ट था वह खुश इसलिए था क्योंकि वह संतुस्ट था एक दिन
एक अक्लमंद आदमी उसके पास आया उसने हफीज को हीरो के महत्व
और उससे जुडी ताकत के बारे में बताया उसने हफीज से कहा अगर
तुम्हारे पास अंगूठी जितना हिरा हो तो तुम पुरे सहर खरीद सकते
हो, अगर तुम्हारे पास मुठी जितना हिरा हो तो शायद तुम
पूरा देश खरीद लो वह अक्लमंद आदमी इतना कह कर चला गया
हफीज को रात भर नींद नहीं आई , वह असंतुस्ट हो चूका था
इसलिए उसकी खुशी खत्म हो चुकी थी दूसरे दिन सुबह होते ही हफीज
ने अपने खेत बेचने और अपने परिवार के देखभाल का इंतजाम किया
और हीरो को खोजने के लिए रवाना हो गया…….
Book Review: Ankita Singh VIIB


  • Book No. 15521
  • Title:- Ignited Mind
  • Author:-A P J Abdul Kalam
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
  • Place : New Delhi
  • Year: 2002     Price: 150  Page: 205
  • Date of Issued:-05/05/2016

Review-Our spiritual wisdom has been our thought use servied

as a nation the onslaughts of invaders and the numbing effect

of colonialism. we have also learnt to adjust to the rights and

divisions in our own society. But in the process of all the adjustment

we also lowered our aims and expectations. We must regain our

broad outlook and draw upon our heritage and wisdom to enrich

our lives. The fact that we…….

Book Review: Abhyudaya Tripathi   VIIIA


  • Title :  Lucent’s ‘GENERAL ENGLISH’
  • Author: A.K.THAKUR
  • Publisher: Lucent Publication
  • Place: New bypass Road, Ashochak
  • Patna-800016(Bihar)
  • Printed at: Jai Hind Press Patna-800 020:
  • 4th Edition:2015
  • ISBN:978-81-92935-2-8
  • Pages:554
  • Price: Rs.300/-
  • Review:-

The book entitled ‘GENERAL ENGLISH’ has been compiled

to meet the requirements of the students preparing for different

competitive examinations. I feet great pleasure in presenting this

book before the students . The subject matter of this book is

comprehensive and simple. Even an average students will find

no difficulty in understanding the various topics—syntax,

articles, noun, pronoun, adjective, interchanging of degrees,

time and tense, narration, voice, removal of too, verb, auxiliary

verbs, Adverb, preposition, conjunction, common error and others.

According to the new pattern of competitive examinations.

I have arranged and framed the questions with answer. Practice

sets are also given. I have also tried to present this book in new

style and stepwise directions which will help the students to

understanding the topics easily and also help them to qualify

in the competitive examinations.

Book Review: Piyush Singh   VIIB (Roll. No.30)


  • Title: Archie Greene and the Alchemist’s Curse
  • Author: D.D. Everest
  • Publisher: Faber & Faber, $14.99
  • Publication Date: August 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780571307418
  • Type: Middle Fiction

Shout Out: Archie Greene and the

Alchemist’s Curse

Archie Greene is back! We first met him nearly

two years ago, in Archie Greene and the

Magician’s Secret (see review). That book went

on to be shortlisted for several awards and I’m

pleased to say that Book 2 in the series is

equally enjoyable.

When a strange fire mark appears on Archie’s

hand, as well as those of his cousins Thistle

and Bramble, it seems they’re part of an ancient

curse that threatens the very existence of the

Museum of Magical Miscellany.

Together with their friends Arabella and Rupert,

the three reform the ancient Alchemist’s Club in

the hope of being able to write their own magic

to break the curse and save the museum.

Just as fast-paced as the first book, and with

the same wonderful word play, Archie Greene

and the Alchemist’s Curse is a great sequel. In

fact, this is developing into a fantastic series!

Book Review: Aman Sharma  Class VIIB


  • Book no : 16711
  • Title : Australian Legendary Tales
  • Author : K. Langley Parker
  • Published : Mind Melodies
  • Year : 2011
  • Place : New Delhi
  • Language : English
  • ISBN : 978-81-908020-7-9
  • Cost : 140

Bahloo the moon looked down at the earth one night,

when his light was shining quite brightly, to see if

any one was moving. When the earth people were all

asleep was the time he chose for playing with his three

dogs. He called them dogs, but the earth people called

them snakes, the death adder, the black snake, and

the tiger snake. As he looked down on to the earth,

with his three dogs beside him, Bahloo saw about a

dozen daens, or black fellows, crossing a Creek.

He called to them saying, “Stop, I want you to carry

my dogs across that creek.” But the black fellows,

though they liked Bahloo well, did not like his dogs,

for sometimes when he had brought these dogs to

play on the earth, they had bitten not only the earth

dogs but their masters; and the poison left by the

bites had killed those bitten. So the black fellows said,

“No, Bahloo, we are too frightened; your dogs

might bite us. They are not like our dogs, whose bite would not kill us.”

Today is the International Book Day………….23 April

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Career Guide




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Regional Science Exhibition 2016


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Science day.jpg1Science day

National Science Day is being celebrated every year to widely spread a message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people. To display all the activities, efforts and achievements in the field of science for human welfare. To discuss all the issues and implement new technologies for the development of the science. To give an opportunity to the scientific minded citizens in the country. To encourage the people as well as popularize the Science and Technology.

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View inside…….


Book Review


Title-Five Point Some one

Author- Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Rupa & Company

Year- 2004

No. of Page-270


Language: English(fiction)
The book is narrated by Hari, with some small passages by his friends Ryan and Alok, as well as a letter by Hari’s girlfriend Neha Cherian. It deals with the lives of the three friends, whose elation on making it to one of the best engineering colleges in India is quickly deflated by the rigor and monotony of the academic work. Most of the book deals with the numerous attempts by the trio to cope with and/or beat the system as well as Hari’s fling with Neha who just happens to be the daughter of Prof. Cherian, the domineering head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of their college.

While the tone of the novel is humorous, it takes some dark turns every now and then, especially when it comes to the families of the protagonists. Most of the action, however, takes place inside the campus as the boys, led by the ever creative Ryan, frequently lamenting how the internationally lauded IIT system has stifled their creativity by forcing them to value grades more than anything else. Uninspiring teaching and numerous assignments add to their woes, though the boys do find a sympathizer in Prof. Veera, the new fluid machenics professionals


Library Activities


Preparation of book tag (Book Mark) by the students….


Preparation of Scrap Book  by the students….


Group Discussion………


Story telling competition


Online Quiz organised among the student of Class VIA, VIB, VIC And VIIID…..


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Image result for vigilance awareness weekImage result for vigilance awareness week

Quiz competition on vigilance awareness week



Library (Quiz test) on Vigilance Awareness Week -2016

Note:- Each questions carried 2 marks for every correct Answer.

Q.1 The Central Vigilance Commission of India was founded in which year ?.

(a) 1965    (b) 1964     (c) 1972    (d) 1974

Q.2 The Right to Information Actwas passed/ implemented in India. ?

(a) 1986     (b) 2001   (c) 2004    (d) 2005

Q.3 Who is the chairman of Central Vigilance Commission of India.?

(a) K V Chowdary    (b) Vijai Sharma    (c) A K Basu      (d) Anita Desai

Q.4 The Reserve Bank India was establish in which year ?.

(a) 1935      (b) 1950      (c) 1934    (d) 1947

Q.5 Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank India.?

(a) RaghuramRajan    (b) C Rangarajan    (c) Urjit Patel      (d) VimalJalan

Q.6 Name the first Indian who was the  Governor of Reserve Bank India.?

(a) C D Deshmukh    (b) C Rangarajan    (c) Osborne Smith (d) VimalJalan

Q.7 What is the new name of Planning Commission of India.?

(a) VidhiAayog    (b) YojanaAayog    (c) Public Commission      (d) NitiAayog

Q.8 Who is the speaker of LokSabha of India.?

(a) PratibhaPatil    (b) SumitraMahajan    (c) Meera Kumar      (d) Anita Desai

Q.9 Where is the Head Quarter of Central Vigilance Commission of India.?

(a) Mumbai    (b) Kolkata    (c) New Delhi      (d) Bangalore

Q.10 The Consumer Protection Ac twas passed in India. ?

(a) 1986   (b) 1985    (c) 2009    (d) 1999

Q.11 What is the function of Consumer Forum in India. ?

(a) Protect consumer right   (b) Protects Company   (c) Food supply     (d) Provide Egg Mark

Full form of the following:

Q.12  ICICI   Q.13   CVC   Q.14  UNESCO          Q.15  UNICEF




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Ask Librarian





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